Hentai Blonde Strip



Hentai Blonde Strip Help:
In this game you have to remember exact position of the babe and when the screen goes black, you have 5 seconds to put her siluette, bra and panties at the right position. If you are successfull you will see her titties and pussy. Once you have completely stripped off her clothes if you click on the very right then you do another round with her arms and if you get it right she removes them then you can completely see her beautiful tits. I got another tip from one of my surfers: if you click around (after you match the arms up and the screen turns black) you can click a spot (i think its where her pussy is) and it will show more text, and then if you click more there is another round where the screen remains dim but you have to position 2 fingers where her pussy is. if you put the 2 fingers under the pussy you then finger her and she explodes.